We maintain a range of laboratory facilities for measuring gases and other properties of ice core samples, including:

  • Gas chromatographs and associated vacuum lines for measuring methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide in ice core samples.
  • Two mass spectrometers and associated vacuum lines for measuring the isotopic composition methane, carbon dioxide and methane in ice cores.
  • A new vacuum line for noble gas measurements, with mass spectrometer housed in the OSU Stable Isotope Laboratory.
  • A continuous flow laboratory for ice cores, currently part of COLDEX, including two laser spectrometer for methane analysis, a particle counter, and a water isotope laser spectrometer (in collaboration with the IsoLab at the University of Washington.
  • Two walk-in freezers for ice storage and processing, field equipment, and a wide range of tools, spare parts, and ancillary equipment.
Photo: Ed Brook
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