• New graduate student, post doc and staff positions are available in the Center for Oldest Ice Exploration:
  • Now available to view: a short film from HHMI titled “The Science of Climate Change“, featuring our postdoc Kathleen Wendt!
  • Congratulations to Ed Brook and the whole COLDEX team for a successfully funded Science and Technology Center! See the press release here to learn more about this multi-institution effort to find the oldest continuous ice record.
  • Check out this OSU news story showcasing Christo Buizert’s new paper on Antarctic temperatures during the Last Glacial Maximum.
  • See our recent work in Nature Geoscience on millennial-scale and abrupt changes in CO2 from the WAIS Divide ice core.
  • Congrats to Andy Menking for his new paper¬†in GRL on the MIS5-4 nitrous oxide history.
  • See Jenna Epifanio’s paper on the South Pole Ice Core time scale in discussion in Climate of the Past.
  • ¬†Congratulations to Marika Stock for completing her OSU Undergraduate Honors thesis on nitrous oxide in 2 Ma ice and moving on to University of Rochester.¬†
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